From the Care Team: Sharing a Need Is a Gift

Dear UU Friends,
I believe that each of us GIVE to others all the time. Sometimes, a recipient can feel like they are taking something that is somehow undeserved.

In order for a gift to happen, the person (or group of people) has to GIVE the GIFT OF THEIR NEED. So, too, as we encounter a crisis or as we age, we may offer that same GIFT OF NEED, allowing a new generation of people an opportunity to learn how to GIVE.

So…if you find yourself in a position of NEED do not hesitate to ask others, especially the Care Committee at the Fellowship, for help.

Riely Woosley
Care Committee Secretary


Look for Care Team members on Sundays. They’ll be wearing the bright green badges.

Or reach out directly to any Care Team member:

Loretta Arnn

Ann Barefield

Patricia Bartholomew

Laura Byrd

Dianne Campbell

Patricia Carrillo

Caroline Davenport-Ersoff

Anne Garvey

Don Kautz

Chris Kelsey

Pat McKay

Jane Milner

Jim Norris

Susan Ott

Julie Palm

Gus Preschle

Patricia Ricono, Chair

Eleanor Stoller

Carole Stuart

Norma Jean Wilkes

Liz Wilson

Riely Woosley

gloria wright

Rosemary Wyman

Janet Zehr

Geraldine Zurek