Governance Update

Staff Assignments Announced

Since last summer, the Governance Systems Task Force (GSTF) and Reverend Ed Brock, have been working together with the Board, staff, and volunteer committee/team leaders to jointly review our policies to clarify responsibility and authority for decision making, with a goal of empowering staff and volunteers to more effectively carry out our mission. Over the past months the GSTF has communicated our progress and solicited feedback through three Town Halls, the UU Forum, meetings with committee Chairs and staff, and regular updates through our newsletter, emails and Board notes.

Recently, Rev. Ed and staff met to discuss staff responsibilities, specifically which staff will support each team and group. Committees support the work of governance and assessment (led by the Board), and teams and groups support the day-to-day programming and operations (led by the Minister and Staff). Our staff embrace this opportunity and look forward to supporting their assigned teams.

The chart below lists all of our committees and teams, as well as many of our groups. Here you will find which staff person will support each team or group, as well as which committees will support the work of the Board of Trustees.

For most of our volunteers, these changes will not affect the volunteer work you are already doing. However, you may start to see the positive impact our staff liaisons will have as they bring a professional level of planning and goal setting to our group work. Our staff are the go-to persons for any questions or needs your group may have.

Wish you were more engaged? Contact Membership Manager Caron Armstrong and she can help you find a committee, team or group that’s a good fit for you.

We are continuing to work together with staff, committees and teams to lay the groundwork for a healthier and more impactful congregation, one poised for growth. We welcome your feedback.

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