Weekend of Connecting, Contributing, and Celebrating!

March 25-27 was a glorious Congregational Weekend! Big thanks to all who participated, from the project leaders to those who showed up to help and to re-engage. Project leaders included Scott Dahlin (Hospitality), Steve Tuch (1st Friday Potluck), Kathy & Bob Manizza (Clothing Closet), Anne Garvey (UUYouth), Kathy Johnson and Kathy Orms (Eco Solutions), Sue and Rich Freeman (Grounds), Jim Norris (SAC), Tom and Patricia Ricono (Big Clean/Building Maintenance), Suzanne Ackert (Membership – ’cause we asked her), Loretta Arnn (Care) and Andrea Morrison (Art Show), Patti Hubbard (Hospitality), and Lillian Dutrow (Nursery)! Pam Lepley delivered a beautiful sermon, recognizing the value of being together in person as well as the invaluable role technology has kept us connected during challenging times. Shout out to Drake Dennis for the giant pot of tasty meat chili for Sunday’s lunch. We hosted two big meals and were thrilled to see how we all remembered how to put out chairs and tables, run the dishwasher, and bus our own dishes. We’re still energized from a weekend full of togetherness and the glow of seeing each other after 2 long years apart. Let’s do it AGAIN!! -Your grateful Membership Team