How About a Summer Vacation with 1000 other UUs?!

The annual Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute (SUUSI) draws about 1000 folks, infants to 90-year-olds, with all levels of energy and mobility, for a week of living our UU values at Western Carolina University. This year it will meet July 16-22.

SUUSI is like a summer camp for individuals and families with something for everyone: hiking, kayaking, music, worship, dancing, art, games, thoughtful discussions, meeting other UUs from everywhere, and coffee any time! Families can be together, yet independent as youth and teens have their own programming.

Check out the SUUSI website ( ) and contact some of our Fellowship members who can tell you more about it: Joy and Keith Irwin, Margaret Bender, Riely Woosley, and Andrea Morrison.