Pam Lepley

Important Message From Our DRE

Please help us show our children, youth, families, Religious Education teachers, and staff support and respect for their time and programming. We ask everyone to please refrain from entering classrooms during childcare and religious education classes unless you are teaching or parenting/caregiving. Interrupting classes for any non-emergency reason sends the message, albeit unintentionally, that Religious Education for children and youth is less important than adult programming and that children and youth are less valued.

If you or your group need the use of any room in the Fellowship building or any space on the grounds at any time – either on Sunday or during the week – please reserve that space in advance through the online Announcement Request Form (ARF).

Although it is frequently possible to find an ‘open’ spot to hold an impromptu meeting that cannot be depended upon, doing so has frequently created a conflict when another group subsequently arrives for their scheduled meeting.

Please check the calendar, submit your request through the ARF, and show your support by waiting until scheduled programming concludes before entering those spaces.


Pam Lepley
Director of Lifespan Religious Education