Thank you

Thank you, one and all for your awesome level of cooperation and patience during our very first Fellowship Fire Drill this past Sunday! The fact we were able to empty the building emptied in 3 and-a-half minutes is a testament to the resiliency and sense of purpose that we share as a Fellowship.

We are grateful to the Watchful Shepherds who volunteered to help (even though they weren’t on duty): Jim Hanes and Max Goelling (the duty Shepherds), Gus Preschle, Katherine Acenas, Mitch Termotto, Mike Dresel, and Jim Burnham. Thank you all so much for making this first practice drill a success!

We will continue to improve our readiness with the next two drills. We expect to conduct another drill either in November or December, but will only advertise this event via one medium (most likely via the website), so that we can move away from the “oh, here it comes” and closer to the type of surprise that we need to duplicate to measure our actual readiness response.

Thank you again for your willingness to learn how best to respond to an emergency and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Debra Goelling at any time at