Climate Reality Project

“Solutions to the climate crisis are within reach, but in order to capture them we must take urgent action today across every level of society,” declares Al Gore. And he has been sounding the alarm for decades now, one of the first politicians in the world to grasp the enormity of global warming.

Three members of the Fellowship were recently trained by Al Gore’s organization, Climate Reality Project:  Terri LeGrand, Jim Norris and Janet Loew (in addition to Gayle Tuch, who was trained in 2013). They spent three days in Atlanta, GA along with 2,000 other trainees from around the country and around the world. There were experts brought in to teach the latest science and most recent learning about the climate crisis, and to demonstrate how together we can solve it. Al Gore himself gave a stunning 3.5 hour powerpoint presentation, and was involved in the presentations throughout the three days.

The outcome of the training is that Climate Reality Leaders, who come from all walks of life–educators, community leaders, government officials, business leaders and other concerned citizens–are trained and then return to their communities to help spread the word. Trainees commit to do at least 10 acts of leadership in the following 12 months, but most do more. They all share the same desire to make a difference and help create a sustainable future for the Earth.

This upcoming decade will be the most pivotal in all of human history. If you think that sounds like hyperbole, they assure you it’s not. We have work to do! But the comforting news is that the solutions exist and there is a path to success. Buckle up and join us. To get involved at the Fellowship, email the EcoSolutions Co-chairs at and let us know you are interested.

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