Tight Seating on Sundays – A Good Problem!

The Ushers are appealing to us all for some assistance with seating people comfortably on Sunday mornings.

  • The last few rows chairs in the main sections of the Fellowship Hall will be marked as reserved for latecomers. If you come in late, feel free to go find a friend with an open seat nearby. Ideally, these seats will make it more comfortable for newcomers and larger groups who arrive during the service to sit easily so that they feel most welcome.
  • Consider moving up and over, filling in empty seats so that chairs on the outer edges are available. Do this to your own comfort, of course.
  • Reach out to Paul at ushers@uufws.org or CLICK HERE to sign up for a trained trial shift. Additional ushers enhance our ability to be most welcoming, and it’s an on-the-job training that will require minimal monthly commitment as the team grows.

A few other notes:

  • If you need an enhanced listening device or a tablet streaming the service with captions, you’ll find these just outside the doors of the Fellowship Hall.
  • If you wish to step away from the Fellowship Hall for any reason, you can listen to the audio of the service in the foyer or watch the streamed service in the Whitney Young Welcome Room.

Contact Caron at caron@uufws.org with questions or concerns.