Save the Date: 1st Annual Fellowship Variety Show!

May’s Marguerite’s Coffeehouse brings you the First Annual Fellowship Variety Show!

Everyone in the Fellowship is invited to participate, including kids, on Friday, May 12th from 7-9pm.

We’re looking for those who sing in the shower, plink out tunes on an instrument, tell jokes, dance around the house, etc. Now you can do those things in a safe environment, on stage!

Do a short radio play or monologue, tell a story, do magic tricks, demonstrate karate moves or how to properly hold a baseball bat or golf club. Show off some ballet steps or Irish dancing, do a comedy set… anything you ‘can/or sort of can’ do is great!

Just keep in mind… this is NOT a talent show because talent is optional. Of course if you do have actual talent, you are welcome too!

CLICK HERE to contact Jessica with questions, or to sign up to participate. We’re looking for about 16 “acts”. Let us know what you plan to do (in general, for setup). Let your inner child out!

Also, volunteers are needed to help with this event. Click HERE to sign up.