Chris & Loretta

The annual Jo Dawson Volunteer Award is the result of nominations from members, supporters and friends of the Fellowship. The honor signifies a person, couple or family who made significant contributions in time and talent to the Fellowship.

Chris Kelsey and Loretta Arnn, (2019 winners), joined the Fellowship in 2015. Our own Rev. Lisa Schwartz officiated at their wedding that year, which has been described as “a perfect celebration of love and family.” Chris and Loretta’s decades of togetherness, not only as partners, but as friends and colleagues in mental health organizations serving infants and toddlers with or at risk for developmental disabilities, came full circle as they came through the doors of the Fellowship. It was “home.”

In the four years of their activities at the Fellowship the myriad of service and projects they either initiated or have membership in is staggering. Together they launched the Small Group Ministry, they covered bulletin boards, their presence is evident on various committees and Loretta serves on the Board; Chris sings in the choir, the Clothes Closet thrived under their leadership and they are involved with W-S child care organizations. Loretta tends to the Fellowship grounds and weeds fear her presence!

It’s a long way from Florida and Dry Fork, Va. where Chris and Loretta grew up, but the joy of giving back to the Fellowship that gives them so much is unmistakable in their persona. The joy they have for what they call “an incredible group of people” makes perfect sense… for both of them never look at volunteering as anything but supporting the Fellowship.