With Love and Gratitude

Dear Ones,
Growing up, I was fortunate to live with my Gran and she helped build the foundation for my whole life. My Gran taught me to love and appreciate people. She taught me to work hard, make a joyful noise, and not to waste any of the life that I’ve been given. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky and I’m beyond grateful for the twenty years that I’ve spent in partnership with the Fellowship building relationships with so many beautiful souls. The many, many helpful hands and loving hearts in this community have made even hard work a joy. You have brought meaning and joy to the necessary task of earning a living. Thank you so much for the lovely and celebratory Worship Service, the many kind notes and emails, and the very generous gifts. I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, and I look forward to discover how these next years unfold.
Much love,
Pam Lepley