Save the Date! UUFWS Women’s Retreat Registration Opening Very Soon.

Living Your Best Life in a Stressful World.

Join us for connection, fun and reflection thru several indoor and outdoor activities in quiet spaces and times shared together.

Through mindfulness activities, walks, firepit chats, and free time to explore or relax, this weekend promises to renew and awaken. Laurel Ridge Retreat Center. Laurel Springs, NC .

Registration and Accommodation

  • Double Room: $210
  • Single Room: $325


Due to limited space, UUFWS members and supporters only. Limited scholarships available.

Questions? Contact the Women’s Retreat Group.

Humanism with heart

This past Sunday, we built up our capacity for being wide-eyed and open-eared; for not shying away from the hard and heartbreaking realities of our world. If you’d like to read more, or be reminded:

  • Hard Realities:
  • Reading and Context:
    • Reading: The Sea of Moral Injury by Rev. Karen Johnston, Burlington, VT
    • Concept: Moral Injury, (scroll down for informational video by expert Rita Nakashima Brock, Rel. M., M.A., Ph.D.) – concept that acknowledges that in our current world we are unable to live fully into our values, and therefore we incur moral injury.
    • Concept: Late-Stage Capitalism (short summary in an opinion piece by David Elias Aviles Espinoza, University of Sydney PhD candidate in Political Economy)– concept of our current economic system, in which wealth and resources become increasingly consolidated in a small number of corporations and individuals.
  • The Take Aways:
    • “Whoever saves a single life saves the world entire” -Talmud (for we are all connected, and every life is in every other life, and so one life is the world entire)
    • We must keep our eyes, ears and hearts open – if we don’t we can’t do anything, and anything is better than nothing. And one life is the world entire.

Members who have door codes can now see them on their Breeze profiles under “Building Access.”

For questions about access codes, contact Lea.

UU Fellowship of Winston-Salem Clothing Closet

The Clothes Closet is switching over from winter to summer clothes!

We are currently accepting gently worn summer items only. Please, no holes or stains. We are also in need of children’s clip hangers, but have plenty of others.

Donations can be left either in the bin in front of the Clothes Closet, or in the designated area in the Foyer of the Fellowship. Please let us know when dropping them off so that we can sort them by calling (336) 659-0331 or emailing

All members and friends who have contributed to the life of the Fellowship are invited to the First Annual Jo Dawson Gratitude Gala scheduled for Friday, September 6. This event is not to be missed, so mark your calendar now!

During the Sunday service on April 14, we talked about the shift FROM presenting an annual award to an individual or family TO a staff-sponsored annual event for all who contribute to the shared ministry of our community. A summary of the comments from that service is below. Reach out to with questions. 


The Jo Dawson Service Award was first presented to member Joan Smitherman Dawson in 1999 upon her retirement from serving 18 years as the editor of our Fellowship newsletter.  When the Board wanted to honor her, they realized that many members should be thanked for their contributions, and the best way to do that was to establish an annual award. To quote Jo in her response to the Board upon presentation of the award, she said: 

Jo Dawson


“As longtime members realize, there is no amount of volunteer time or effort that can adequately match what the Fellowship gives to those who choose it as their family.  It is, in my opinion, how the ideal family ought to be:  free thinking, forgives silly mistakes, awakens compassion and offers a foundation from which to challenge narrow-mindedness and meanness.May it ever be so.”


Jo Dawson lived an exciting life filled with adventure. She was one of those rare people who had a steadfast dedication to the things she loved (copy editing, justice work, good grammar, and music), balanced with a sincere desire to lean into new experiences and approach all that life had to offer with joy and curiosity. Jo was resilient, meeting change with a positive creativity that so beautifully aligns with UU values

WE as a congregation have met change with a positive creativity that so beautifully aligns with UU values. Jo ended her 1999 response upon receiving the first award with “May it ever be so.” For something to “ever be so”, we must be able to balance our beautiful history with an eye toward the future. Collaboration and sharing always take more time and slow things down … and doing things together is often more difficult, but truly worth it. We learn so much by acting together, as we learn so much by being with one another.

The final plate on thw plaque reads “In 2024, this award shifted to a celebration of shared ministry. May it ever be so” The final presentation of the Jo Dawson Annual Service Award went to all who were nominated in 2023. 

The 2023 Auction Team: Suzanne Ackert, Bonnie Doerr, Diane Harney. 

“The Auction is not only the Fellowship’s largest fundraiser of the year, it’s a free social event that brings the congregation together. This year’s team ensured that every gift was valued whether it be an inexpensive kitchen item or a rental home.”

Patricia Bartholomew “Pat is always at the Fellowship early on Sunday making coffee, then serving as an Usher, then setting up the next event or helping to clean up from the last one.  Pat seems to be everywhere doing important stuff that doesn’t get recognized. “

Scott Dahlin & Mitch Termotto Scott and Mitch are away on a long vacation, and we have their permission to talk about them! Scott and Mitch have been members since 2005, and the list of the ways they’ve served this congregation is really long. Currently, Scott serves on the Board and is chair of Hospitality, and Mitch served on the Ministerial Search Team and is chair of the Worship Team. 

Megan FosterMegan has helped hire and train 2 administrators, has served as Board Treasurer, organizes dinner circles, sings in the choir, volunteers for all kinds of tasks and on and on!! Megan gives of her time and talents freely, and she does it with impressive grace, kindness and generosity of spirit.”

Sue & Rich FreemanAlmost immediately after joining our community in early 2019, Sue and Rich volunteered to lead the Grounds Team. They have lovingly cared for our beloved grounds, doing much of the work themselves, especially during Covid. They are generous stewards of our community, taking on projects big and small.”

Patti Hubbard Patti is away this weekend, but we will celebrate her in her absence.  “Patti has chaired many committees. She just recently stepped away from chairing the Memorial Committee for many years. She has shown care for fellow congregants, compassion for those suffering loss, and great acceptance of all with whom she interacts–from newcomers to long-timers, from fun lovers to grieving family members.”

Don Kautz & Carol Ziel Since their retirement, both Don and Carol have enthusiastically assumed leadership in multiple and varied programs. Carol is the Board Treasurer, Don helped start the Lay Ministry program, and you’ll often see one of them taking the trash to the curb on Thursdays. They are both exceedingly generous with their time.”

Julie Palm  And our final recipient is Jule Palm. A new member wrote. “She had respect for my new idea and facilitated communication around it thereby growing my connection with other members. She did not judge the idea or leave me holding it without direction. She is the kind of person I hoped to get to know here at UU.”




Crisis Control Ministry, is an organization that provides basic life needs to those facing a crisis in Forsyth and Stokes counties.

Look for our collection bin in the Foyer marked “Crisis Control.” – items in the basket will be delivered by our team of volunteers monthly or more often as needed.

The gift of the month for May is Spices (such as cinnamon, salt & pepper, cumin, vanilla extract, basil, etc.), AND they would also appreciate donations of any of the items listed under other months.

Questions? Contact

The raised beds behind the building in front of the rain garden are an EcoSolutions project designed to feed and attract pollinators to the UUFWS property. Last summer, these beds were extra colorful and weed-free thanks to a volunteer team, with each individual taking responsibility for one of the six beds.

We are looking for 3-4 new volunteers to help out this year since some of the team cannot continue. Please contact Kathy Johnson or if you would like to learn more about volunteering.

Southeast Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute(SUUSI) 2024 will be held July 21-27 in Radford, VA. This is a fantastic week-long adventure with some of the most favorite people you will ever meet. 

SUUSI is an intentional community of UUs and kindred spirits, including all ages and races, LGBTQIA+ friendly, singles, and families, adventures from outdoor hikes to board games to nightlife to crafts to worship. We come together to explore our interconnectedness, delight in nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains, enjoy music and art, and learn new ways of seeing ourselves, our world, and each other.

Visit, and please sign up here to get the latest information. You may also follow them on Facebook and Instagram!