The following people have been working together to suggest programs that might be of interest to the senior members and friends of UUFWS: Ann Barefield, Truman Dunn, Caroline Davenport-Ersoff, Don Kautz, Pat McKay, and Gus Preschle. We are working in collaboration with Pam Lepley and Caron Armstrong, Fellowship staff members; Patricia Ricono, Care Committee Chair and Chris Kelsey and Loretta Arnn, Small Group Ministry Chairs.

We have six activities to share with you in a survey and we are asking you to indicate your interest in participating in them. We would like for you to share any other suggestions you have and tell us about your willingness to help facilitate these activities.

CLICK HERE to complete the survey. Please submit it by next Wednesday, January 20th. You do not have to be a senior to help facilitate these activities and there is a place to indicate your interest on the survey.

The activities about which you will be asked to respond are listed below. Please be thinking about any additional suggestions you might have.

  1. Book Sharing Group: This is not intended to be a book club in which everyone reads the same book. It will be a book sharing group in which individuals are invited to give reviews of books they have read followed by a discussion. Local authors might be invited to give a review of a book they have written.

  2. Small Group Meetings for Seniors: These groups will be formed around special interests of the members of the group. It could be discussion topics, play reading, art, etc. You can list your interests at the end of the survey.

  3. Game Playing Groups:  In the beginning, this could happen online and then scheduled at the fellowship after we can be face to face. We will have people help those new to online games learn how to participate. List games of interest to you at the end of the survey.

  4. University Without Walls: This will be a series of master classes that will be on Zoom and later face to face when possible. The classes will have numerous lecture sessions and group discussions. Please share topics you might be interested in at the end of the survey.

  5. Exercise Groups: These sessions will be on Zoom and when possible face to face. The exercises might be standing or sitting Yoga, Qigong, Dancing, etc. Please list your interests at the end of the survey.

  6. Monthly Newsletter: This would be a quarterly newsletter that would list community activities of interest to seniors. It could be monthly if the interest and assistance grows.

Here’s the survey link once again.
Please submit by 1/20/21. Thank you!

The Social Action Council (SAC) has selected Planned Parenthood’s South Atlantic chapter as the Fellowship’s January 2021 Share The Plate recipient. The South Atlantic chapter lists its purpose as provider of accessible and affordable quality healthcare, accurate information and comprehensive health education. They are a nonprofit agency, offering a wide range of affordable and reliable reproductive and sexual health care services at 14 locations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. This group aligns with our Unitarian-Universalist values, and with our Fellowship’s social justice objectives by ensuring vital services for women and underserved communities in many areas, including reproductive health, sexually-transmitted disease, and gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Get ready for the Annual Chili Cookoff – Home Edition on Feb. 5! We’re looking for your tasty chili or cornbread recipes (meaty, vegan, or vegetarian) that will be posted online. We’ll encourage everyone to try something new and then join together for our Zoom potluck on Friday, Feb. 5. Please send your recipe in an editable document (no PDF’s please) to no later than Jan. 21. If your recipe is a past award-winner, please mention that!

The annual Jo Dawson Service Award honors Fellowship members who have been generous with their time and talents to support our covenantal community. There are so many who contribute so much it is difficult to single out one person or family to honor.

This award was first presented to Jo Dawson in 1999 upon her retirement from serving 18 years as the editor of our Fellowship newsletter. When the Board wanted to honor her, they realized that many members should be thanked for their contributions, and the best way to do that was to establish an annual award. This would allow us to both recognize Jo in a special way and provide the opportunity to honor many others in the years to come. This is our 22nd presentation, and the first time we’ve selected a recipient in December instead of in May.

In order to give this award the consideration it deserves, the Board established a committee of past award recipients who accepted and reviewed your nominations. Membership Manager, Caron Armstrong, convened the 2020 task force. Ann Barefield, Pat and Tom McKay, and Andi and Ken Ostberg agreed to serve on the task force in this unconventional year. In the past, the Board president has presented the award, but in these unusual times in 2020, Board President Mary Law reached out to Loretta Arnn and Chris Kelsey, last year’s recipients, to start a new tradition!

Though members who share generously of their time and talents do not expect recognition, we need to celebrate their hard work and remember why we do the work we do. This is especially true in 2020, a time when our community has been challenged and has strived to stay connected in beloved community. To quote Jo in her response to the Board upon presentation of the award, she said: “As longtime members realize, there is no amount of volunteer time or effort that can adequately match what the Fellowship gives to those who choose it as their family. It is, in my opinion, how the ideal family ought to be: free thinking, forgives silly mistakes, awakens compassion and offers a foundation from which to challenge narrow-mindedness and meanness. May it ever be so.”

This year’s recipient of the Jo Dawson Service Award is Kathy Orms. As chair of the Leadership Development Committee, she has worked with both the Fellowship Coordinating Council and the Committee on Ministry to identify and train potential leaders. Kathy is active in EcoSolutions and also attends the Forum at times. She was instrumental in getting our successful Women’s Retreats implemented. Currently, she is an instrumental leader in the Social Action Council’s racial justice work, The Shape of Justice.

Kathy has served our Fellowship in so many ways, but her expertise is in the area of healing interpersonal relationships and facilitating a pathway to leadership. In both official and unofficial capacities, she has demonstrated enormous talent for negotiation and helping parties resolve differences. To reach a state of harmony in the world, Kathy sees that we must first establish that within our personal lives and within our Fellowship. She has dedicated her energy, time and expertise to help our congregation.

Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication to our beloved community. And thank you, members and friends, for your nominations. The plaque with Kathy’s name on it will be hung in the Fellowship foyer and we look forward to the day we can all gather there safely to see it!

The Social Action Council (SAC) is letting you know that … it’s that time again! It’s time to nominate your favorite non-profit organizations to receive proceeds from our monthly plate collections. Each month, the Fellowship shares 50% of all plate collections with a non-profit organization meets the following criteria:

• Does work in or for the benefit of Winston Salem and/or Forsyth County NC
• Upholds the Fellowship’s Mission and/or Vision
• Coincides and does not conflict with Unitarian Universalist Principles

The Social Action Council also strongly encourage nomination of groups who work to improve racial equity, particularly in the local educational system.

Please let the Social Action Council know who you believe is doing great work in our community, and could use a few extra dollars to make a difference. We can’t donate to individuals, unless a 501c-3 entity can receive a pass-through donation on their behalf (it’s a tax thing). If an organization has been a share-the-plate recipient in the past, that’s OK. We enjoy sharing with folks who are still doing the work!

Thanks for everything you are doing in the community, and everything you contribute to our Fellowship. Without you, we’d be pretty lonely.

Working to build a new way,
Your Social Action Council

We need a NEW coordinator for the Aging Well meetings. We Zoom once a month – September- December and February- May. Are you interested? Don Kautz will help with topics and speakers. Please contact Pam Lepley at
Thank you!

We continue to be closed due to the virus. Because of your generous donations in the past, we have been able to to donate items to local agencies that provide clothing to those in need. This month we will be donating to The Rescue Mission. We will make an announcement here when we are again able to accept your donations.

“Building Our Future”.  Why is this important? How do we accomplish this? You will soon be hearing more about this important topic. The Stewardship Committee will be beginning our Annual Fund Drive soon, so we are inviting you to contemplate these questions from your own personal perspective. In addition, you’ll soon be invited to a Zoom meeting with a small group of your fellow UU’s to hear more from Reverend Ed about why “Building Our Future” is important and how we can all participate. We acknowledge this has been a tough year, but we will get through this together. We need each other and the Fellowship needs YOU, more than ever. The meetings will be held during the week of October 18, 2020. Stay tuned, and be on the lookout for your emailed Zoom invitation soon!
The Stewardship Committee
Ann Roberts, Chair

A Message from the Minister – January 9, 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

Events in Washington, D.C., this week disturbed many. Michelle Obama wrote that January 6 “was a fulfillment of the wishes of an infantile and unpatriotic president who can’t handle the truth of his own failures. And the wreckage lays at the feet of a party and media apparatus that gleefully cheered him on.” The contrast between the treatment of the insurrectionists and BLM groups was stark. Rev. Jacqui Lewis wrote of her frustration that she lived “in a country that treats Black grief as a threat and white rage as a sacrament.”

Yet, several momentously good and wonderful things happened this week. First, Stacey Abrams and the black women of Georgia saved democracy in America. Second, Rev. Raphael Warnock, the son of a woman who “used to pick somebody else’s cotton,” became Georgia’s first Black senator. Third, two Senators were elected in Georgia who will end the Senate’s control by regressive forces. Fourth, a coup attempt by the current President failed. Fifth, fascist-leaning politicians revealed themselves, and their sedition will not be forgotten.

The actions of desperate, misguided, misinformed persons this week failed and will be overwhelmed by a wave of rising progressive forces.

Vigilance is necessary to ensure progressive forces prevail, but I am more optimistic now than I have been in a long time.

Stacey Abrams has reminded us that dedication, careful planning, diligence, determination, and moral vision can do what seemed impossible.

It is a lesson to carry with us in the weeks and months ahead.


Rev. Ed Brock

A Pastoral Letter from Rev. Ed Brock – October 22

Dear Members and Friends of UUFWS:

The election season is in full swing and promises many surprises.  To prepare the Fellowship for this, the Election Season Ministry Team met for the second time on Thursday, October 22. Joyce Porter, Seretha Masdon, Ann Zimmerman, Pam Lepley, Jack Campbell, Gus Preschle, Kathy Johnson, Caron Armstrong, and I were present.

Like everyone else, we are at the mercy of events which we cannot fully anticipate. Yet we resolved that whatever occurs, we are prepared to respond as we are best able.

Among the issues discussed:

  • To meet frequently enough to be able to gauge what type of responses would best serve the needs of the congregation as election results emerge.

  • Reach out to local community groups to discern if there is action being done by other congregations and groups locally.

  • Clarify what activities are being planned regionally among fellow UU groups and communities.

  • Prepare for a wide assortment of responses.  Multiple possibilities might unfold around election day – and so widely diverse responses need to be planned for.

  • There are certain actions that may be appropriate despite what happens. For example, providing sharing groups just to process feelings after the election regardless of what occurs.

There was an awareness that there are two fundamental tasks at play. One is an internal focus – to make sure we care for one another during this time. Another task involves connecting with groups external to UUFWS to identify specific ways to engage in collective actions and demonstrations in case that emerges as a desirable course.

We do not know what is going to happen. There are smart people creating models of most likely scenarios, but none of these can give us insight into what is going to really happen. But we are clear about one thing: the UUFWS Election Season Ministry Team is prepared to serve the needs of the congregation in every way we can during this difficult period.


Rev. Ed Brock

A Pastoral Message from Rev. Ed Brock – October 15

Dear Members and Friends of UUFWS:

An historically important election season is upon us. At every level of government important decisions are being made that will shape our future.

Many people are on edge, not knowing what to expect; hoping for the best but unable to dismiss the possibility of the worst happening.

The Fellowship seeks to address the special needs of our time. On Wednesday of this week, a newly created Election Season Ministry Team met to discuss ways the Fellowship could address the needs of the congregation during this extraordinary time.

Present at this meeting to form the new Election Season Ministry Team were Ann Zimmerman, Gus Preschle, Joyce Porter, Kathy Orms, Seretha Masdon, Pam Lepley, Mary Law, Kathy Johnson, Jack Campbell, Caron Armstrong.

Many ideas were discussed. Part of our challenge is that we do not know the specific nature of what events will ensue in the coming months. But you have our pledge that we will extend to the members and friends of this congregation every possible means of solidarity, support and encouragement we can summon, and that we will adjust our response as unfolding events lead us.

The Election Season Ministry Team will be communicating with you soon to explain more of our plans and intentions. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.

Our mutual care of one another strengthens us and will continue to do so, whatever we face.


Rev. Ed Brock

Meet the Interim Minister

Dear Members and Friends of UUFWS:

I am delighted to begin my work with you as Interim Minister. In my first two sermons, I talked about my background, why I am here, and what I will be trying to accomplish as your Interim Minister. You can listen to my sermons here on the website, and you can view them at the YouTube links below.

Part I: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Part II: Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

My intention is to connect with each and every one of you in the coming months. During these meetings, I will talk briefly about my work at the Winston-Salem Fellowship and invite anyone present to ask me any question they would like. I am available at the following e-mail address: You may contact me at this e-mail for any reason. I would be happy to speak by phone or set up a zoom meeting.

I am excited to be working with the Winston-Salem Fellowship and look forward to getting to know you much better in the days and weeks ahead.


Rev. Ed Brock

Hey everyone! Are you salivating yet, thinking about this salmon dinner which will be in our auction? We’re looking forward to see what you donate! We are creating such a fun event for all of us – no pandemic gonna get us down! Please click HERE  to tell us what you can donate.

The 2020 Annual UU Fellowship Auction is going virtual!

There will be two components to this year’s auction:
– August 20-30 – online bidding for Silent Auction and Fixed Price offerings
– August 29 – a “Live” Auction night via Zoom

Throughout the Auction, there will be fun contests and raffles. The Auction Team will keep you posted on the website, on Facebook, and via emails. So stay tuned! Questions? Contact