Meet Dawn Johnson, new Fellowship Administrator!

Dawn grew up on an 8 x1 mile island in Rhode Island.  She graduated from Greensboro College with a major in religion, a minor in sociology, and an engagement to be married to Joe.  After college Dawn continued her education at Drew University Theological School, graduating in 1995 with a Masters of Divinity.  Dawn worked in a couple of churches as a student pastor and associate pastor in New Jersey, but when she became dissatisfied with the church she changed careers, working for PriceWaterhouseCooper. 

Dawn and Joe moved to North Carolina in 1999 to be closer to Joe’s family.  Dawn worked in church administration at St Paul’s Episcopal Church which she absolutely loved.  She started as Membership Coordinator and in less than a year, she became Assistant Administrator of the church.  She learned to do everything non-clergy in the church offices.  Dawn has worked in a variety of different jobs in the church and outside the church and is now here with us as Fellowship Administrator. 

Dawn enjoys hanging out with her husband and their fur babies, meeting new people, the arts, learning something new technology, spending time with friends, playing softball, watching or listening to Red Sox ballgames, collecting Red Sox baseball cards, and keeping track of the rest of the New England/Boston Sports teams.  She looks forward to being in ministry together with the Fellowship.

Dawn will be in the Fellowship office from 1o am- 4 pm, Monday-Thursday. You can reach her at

During these winter months, be sure to check your email, social media, and local television stations for announcements about closures, cancellations and conditions that may require Zoom-only Fellowship events.  We urge Fellowship volunteers, staff, members and friends to make decisions that are as safe as possible in uncertain weather conditions.

marguerites coffee house

Marguerite’s Coffee House is temporarily suspended due to concerns about the current COVID surge, but we hope to resume soon. We have a very talented roster of artists planned for the coming months. We will work with them to reschedule any missed performances.

support mother earth and her treasures

As we focus on the Climate Crisis this Sunday, Jan 16, EcoSolutions would like to remind you that taking steps to live more sustainably help make a difference. First, select some small things that you can do as an individual to help relieve your anxiety and make small positive improvements. EcoSolutions has provided guidance on ways to move to a sustainable lifestyle.:

On a larger scale, identify groups that are working to change governmental and business policies. Affiliating with one or two groups with which you can relate will help you contribute to more significant changes (EcoSolutions members can suggest some of these organizations – email: )

The mahjongg group continues to form, though it’s taking a break until it’s safer to gather. Members can use Breeze to contact Carol with questions or interest. You may also email

A big thank you to all of you who have donated to the Clothes Closet! We currently are in need of winter coats and clothing, ESPECIALLY children’s. Many families who visit the Clothes Closet have children and their clothes are the ones that get taken first.

Your donations can be left in the bin at the Clothes Closet or at the designated area inside the Fellowship. Please let us know when a donation is made by emailing us at or calling 336-659-0331.

Have you seen the “Scan Me” QR codes posted all around the Fellowship? This cool code works with a smart phone camera to show you a paperless version of the weekly order of service (OOS) bulletin. It’s accessible both in the building and from home. Instructions are posted in the building and HERE ON THE WEBSITE.

BONUS feature! ALL week until the next OOS is posted, you can access the most recent past Sunday’s OOS using this code. Look up the title of the beautiful piece of music performed by the choir. Find the link to the most recent What’s Up at the Fellowship? email. And… wait for it… look for the video file of the sermon. It will be linked to the sermon title so you can view or REview the sermon!

Questions? Reach out to Caron at

Thank you, members, supporters and friends, for participating in the Gathering Guidance Advisory Team (GGAT) flash poll. We had a 53% response rate, just slightly above what we anticipated. GGAT appreciates your time (an average of just over 4 minutes to complete…in case you’re wondering!).

Some of the takeaways? Of those responding, we at the Fellowship are vaccinated at a higher rate than the greater community, and there’s concern for our unvaccinated children. Both Zoom and in-person gatherings are valuable. And in these challenging times, our decisions are guided by scientific data, personal vaccination status, and the safety protocols the Fellowship is taking to mitigate risk. CLICK HERE for graphs of the aggregate data. Email with questions.

Don’t forget to help us “over the bridge” right now with a renewed pledge in this year of budget transition for the Fellowship. We are, as you probably know by now, transitioning from a January – December fiscal year to a July – June fiscal year, effective July 1, 2022. To carry us through to the transition next July, we’re asking everybody to simply renew their 2021 pledge at a 50% rate for the period January 1 – June 30, or, if you are able, to increase your 6 month pledge. (We will come to you again next Spring for a full year pledge covering July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023). It is important that we all respond positively because even if all members renew at the 2021 rate we expect a small deficit on June 30, 2022.
Rather than having a full blown traditional fund drive this fall (followed by another in the Spring) we have implemented a new “opt out” process for your six month January – June pledge. As of November 5, if you have not signed onto the web site (, clicked on the DONATE tab at the top right and entered a six month pledge we will assume you ARE renewing at your 2021 rate. If this is not what you want your pledge to be, please use the DONATE tab on the website and enter a specific amount.
It’s our Fellowship and we all need to do our part in support.

Each year we honor a person, couple, or family who has made significant contributions of time and talent to the Fellowship.

In April of this year, we lost our dear member and friend for whom this award is named. To mark this year, we’re changing the requirements for the 2021 Award. It’s taken teamwork to get through these challenging times, and Jo was a dedicated collaborator. In 2021, consider nominating a Fellowship TEAM and nominate all the members of that team to be the 2021 recipients.

We, the Jo Dawson Service Award Task Force, will select the team from nominations received from YOU. The deadline for nominations is Sunday, November 14. Nomination forms and details are available online using this form.

Nominees should:

~be members, supporters, or associate members in good standing;
~demonstrate a history of engagement in activities that contributed meaningfully to congregational life in challenging times;
~reflect a commitment to the seven principles and be in covenant with the Fellowship mission and vision statements.

Mission Statement: To foster spiritual growth, care for each other, protect and preserve the earth, and work for peace and justice.

Vision Statement: To become a fully inclusive, compassionate faith community known for working boldly and deeply for justice.

Nominees may be couples, families or TEAMS of unrelated Fellowship members/supporters/associate members. In 2021, members of a team may have been previous recipients of the award as long as the 2021 team contains a different combination of people than in previous years.

Past Recipients
1999- Jo Dawson
2000- Family Schmid – Ernie, Donna, Herman and Cindy Naylor
2001- Harold O. and Shirley Goodman
2002- Arch and Jessie Bush
2003- Arnold and Marjorie Gelbin
2004- Tom and Daisy Fowler
2005- Dee Best
2006- Susan Ott
2007- Geraldine Zurek
2008- Susan and Jack Campbell
2009- Gregg Jamback
2010- Janet Loew
2011- Joan Wright and Will Wright
2012 – Patty and Tom Ricono
2013- Janet Owen and Seretha Masdon
2014- Dave Moffatt, Anne Garvey, Caitlin and Ruth Moffatt
2015- Andi and Ken Ostberg
2016- Ann Barefield
2017- Pat Reck and Alexandra Carpenter
2018- Pat and Tom McKay
2019- Loretta Arnn and Chris Kelsey
2020- Kathy Orms

CLICK HERE to submit a nomination.

Questions? Email Caron at

We welcome your nominations between now and Sunday, November 14!

The Jo Dawson Service Award Task Force,

Ann Barefield
Pat McKay
Tom McKay
Andi Ostberg
Ken Ostberg