Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan and Family Circle Options

There is no better way to meet new people and form deep bonds than to share a meal together, and Dinner Circles are a great way to get to meet and bond with other UUs.

The Fall round of Dinner Circles are coming to an end, so now is the time to sign up for Spring Dinner Circles!


Note that you are not automatically signed up for the spring circles if you were a participant in the fall. You must opt in for each new round of circles to make it clear that you want to be a participant.

Dinner Circles are groups of 6-8 people (plus children for Family Dinner Circles) that commit to having dinner together in one another’s homes (or at the Fellowship) approximately once a month. Dates, times, location, and menus are chosen by the group.

The deadline to join Spring Dinner Circles is Sunday, 2/12/23.

Please CLICK HERE to complete the online form.

You can join with a partner, as a single, or as a family with children. If you want to be in a Family Dinner Circle, indicate that by listing the names and ages of your children. Otherwise, you will be placed in an adult only group. If you are vegetarian or vegan, there’s a group for you too!

Once you’ve submitted your form, you will be contacted in mid February with your assignment. For questions, send an email to , call the Fellowship office at 336-659-0331, or check out the Dinner Circle FAQ’s, below!

Let’s get the next round of Dinner Circles rolling at UUFWS!

Megan Foster
Dinner Circles Coordinator
Caron Armstrong
Dinner Circles Staff Liaison

Dinner Circle FAQs

Must I have a partner/spouse to join a dinner circle? No, you don’t need to sign up with a partner or spouse. If you are solo, you’ll share responsibilities for your food/hosting assignment with another single person in your group.

I don’t like to cook! Do I have to make gourmet food as my contribution to a dinner circle? No, your contributions to a dinner circle meal don’t have to be fancy! The point of the circles is to get to
know one another and enjoy time together, so if you roll with store-bought dishes that’s A-OK!

Will there be a vegan dinner circle? If there are not enough vegans to form a circle, you have the option to be assigned to a vegetarian circle. Please indicate your willingness to join a vegetarian circle if a vegan one is not available when you fill out your signup form.

My objective is to meet new people, so what if I get assigned to a group with members I’ve been in a circle with before? We won’t assign you with folks you were with in the fall circles, but there’s no guarantee you won’t be assigned with folks from further back than that. With each upcoming round we’ll do our best to put you in a group that doesn’t include duplicates, starting with the fall 2022 circles.

I was in one of the fall dinner circles. Am I automatically signed up for the next round of circles? No, there is no automatic sign up.You must sign up for each new round of circles. It only takes a minute so do it today!

CLICK HERE to sign up by the deadline – Sunday, February 12!

Your Fellowship’s Care Team is in your corner when your health has taken a bad turn or care giving is suddenly more intensive. You may feel overwhelmed when welcoming a newborn or grieving a loved one. We are happy to offer support. One of the ways we can help is to provide a good meal for you and your family: a physical manifestation of strength to sustain your soul.

In times of crisis, different people react in different ways. Our Caring folks can work with you to provide the best match for when food would be helpful. We ask how many are eating, what are dietary restrictions or dislikes, what could be a comfort for you? We are listening for what YOU want.

Patricia Bartholomew, Rosemary Wyman, and Janet Zehr
Care Team Food Arrangers

UU Fellowship of Winston-Salem Clothing Closet

We are accepting gently used winter donations, but still have a special need for boys’, mens’ and baby sizes 12-24 months. Donations can be put in the bin at the Clothes Closet or dropped off in the designated area in the lobby of the Fellowship. Please call 336-659-0331 or email to let us know when you make a donation.


article 2

Information about the proposed revision to Article II of the UUA Bylaws and the proposed 8th Principle can be found in the Google Document at this link: CLICK HERE

During the Worship Service on 10/30/2022, we shared a slideshow that included several links to information on Article II of the UUA Bylaws and the proposed 8th Principle. Here is a link to those slides for anyone interested in the materials.

Blue Ridge Mountains

We each experience Nature in our own ways. While we easily know where our physical bodies are when in nature, what happens to our minds and spirits? How are our senses aroused? Do you think our interactions with nature have an impact on our day-to-day living and how we relate to ourselves, with others, and with the planet?

The intention of Deep Nature Explorers is to encourage people to delve into these questions using presencing and deep observation methods while interacting with nature. On guided three-to-six mile walks through beautiful settings in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will be given cues to help you deepen your experience while walking. In addition, there will be a 30-minute immersion stop somewhere intriguing, where you are welcome to sit with your journals, explore with your cameras, or otherwise enjoy in your own way. On some events, we may be listening to live music being performed outdoors.

The location of these immersive walks will change each month; dependent on the weather, specific activity planned, and physical abilities of people registering, but will be within a 30-60 minute drive of the UUFWS campus. Although the walks are free, they are limited to 10 participants. Advance registration is required.

To register and for more information, visit:

If you’re interested in knowing more about or participating in an emerging group to address the needs of the Fellowship playground, email

Participants will collaborate with leaders and staff to address immediate needs, and anyone who has skill or interest in exploring the possibilities for an updated, safe, accessible (and fun!) playground is welcome.

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Gus Preschle with Jenny Kim

The 2022 recipient of the Jo Dawson Service Award is Gus Preschle. Gus has been a member of the Fellowship for 15 years. He has given much of his time, talent, and treasure to move us closer to Beloved Community.

Here are some words of appreciation from members who nominated Gus:

“Even before becoming one of our Lay Ministers, Gus could be counted on to quietly show up for members with regular phone calls, visits and lunches. His many years of caring for our most vulnerable members is sincere and reliable.”

“He immediately jumped in and volunteered to work on environmental stewardship activities, culminating in the Fellowship receiving its Green Sanctuary Certification. Gus was the primary organizer of that effort. Gus also led a program roughly ten years ago for the Fellowship to adopt a Habitat for Humanity house, taking it one step further to make it the first “green” HFH home in the Triad. Gus has led EcoSolutions multiple times, leading hikes and kayak trips. Gus is fiercely protective of the natural world as well as deeply ‘in love’ with it. He is a gem!!!”

“Gus always listens first. He takes it in. He waits. And then he replies. He is incredibly thoughtful and accepting of varying opinions. He is always interested in others. He is careful that committee work is done democratically, always encouraging others to voice their opinions and thoughtfully listening to those around him.”

“Gus exemplifies the best of UU principles by treating everyone, everyone, everyone as worthy of care and respect. It’s hard baked into his DNA.”

“Having shared his traumatic 9/11 experiences with the congregation, Gus has helped us all to deal with the impact of hate and violence.”

“I cannot imagine a more caring person than Gus Preschle.”

The plaque with Gus’s name on it will be hung in the Fellowship foyer. Thank you, Gus, for moving us toward Beloved Community in all that you do and all that you are.


The History

The annual Jo Dawson Service Award was first presented to Jo Dawson in 1999 upon her retirement from serving 18 years as the editor of our Fellowship newsletter. When the Board wanted to honor her, they realized that many members should be thanked for their contributions, and the best way to do that was to establish an annual award. This would allow us to both recognize Jo in a special way and provide the opportunity to honor many others in the years to come. This is our 24nd presentation.

This year’s task force, Loretta Arnn,Anne Garvey, Chris Kelsey, Seretha Masdon, Joan Wright, and Will Wright received 24 nomination forms. We want to thank the task force, all former recipients of this honor, for the work they’ve done this year. We also want to thank you, members and friends, for taking the time to recognize each other by submitting nominations.

Though members who share generously of their time and talents do not expect recognition, we need to celebrate their hard work and remember why we do the work we do. This is especially true in 2022, a time when we have reconnect and redefine what it means to gather in community. To quote Jo in her response to the Board upon presentation of the award, she said:

“As longtime members realize, there is no amount of volunteer time or effort that can adequately match what the Fellowship gives to those who choose it as their family. It is, in my opinion, how the ideal family ought to be: free thinking, forgives silly mistakes, awakens compassion and offers a foundation from which to challenge narrow-mindedness and meanness. May it ever be so.”

Girl Running with Wet Canvas

The Fellowship Art Gallery is returning in early 2023 after a two year hiatus! The general theme of the Art Show is “Reconnecting Through Art” as we once again display the artistic creativity that thrives within our Fellowship.

The Art Gallery welcomes all 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional artwork, no larger than 36”x 36”. Entries can be paintings, prints, drawings, mixed media, photography, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, fabric art, etc.

All members and friends of the Fellowship may enter up to 3 works of art. The art may be work that the owners have created themselves, or it could be work they own but created by someone else. Owners may choose to price their work to sell and no commission is taken.

All 2D artwork must be ready to hang with wire attached. No “alligator” type hangers, please. Owners must complete a registration form for each piece of art submitted. Art Gallery registration forms are on the UUFWS website under “Forms and Procedures”. Forms will also be available on the Sunday submission day, although we encourage owners to fill out the forms in advance. Volunteers are needed to collect art, hang the show, and help with the reception.

Save these dates for the Art Gallery 2023:

Sunday, March 5, 12:00 – 1:30:  Deliver artwork to Fellowship Hall
Wednesday, March 15, 1:00 – 4:00:  Display artwork
Sunday, March 19, 11:45 – 12:45:  Art Gallery Reception
Sunday, April 30:  Art Gallery closes. All artwork must be picked up immediately after Sunday’s service.

The Art Gallery dates are also on the website calendar.

Volunteers are needed to collect art, display the artwork, and help with the reception. Contact Andi Ostberg at to volunteer or ask questions.

Girl Running with Wet Canvas
©Norman Rockwell , ©Fair Use

Humanism with heart

It is with some mixed emotions that we have decided to bring the Humanism with Heart (HWH) group to a close here at the end of 2022. You may recall that HWH started as Eric’s brainchild back in 2014—eight years ago! We have both learned so much during these years and had the privilege of taking part in so many interesting discussions. We have greatly enjoyed the camaraderie and the many meals out at Kimono’s at our Humanist Lunch Bunch!

Why stop now? All good things come to an end, and it seemed to both of us that now is a fitting time to wrap things up. Work has been busy for both of us lately, we have covered over 100 topics, and it seemed like HWH’s natural time had come.

Neither of us is moving out of town, and we hope that we will be seeing you soon. Thank you so much for your ideas, your participation, and your conversations. We deeply appreciate your shared interest in humanism, and especially your friendship.

Feel free to reach out to us via Email at

Take care and be well!
Eric Townson and Barrett Evans

Governance Update

The Governance Committee has unveiled a new web page in order to help unravel the mysteries surrounding what the heck “governance” really means. What’s the difference between a committee and a team? Which teams support which staff members? Check out this new page to help you sort it all out. Simply go to the website and look for “Governance” under the “About” tab. Or, click here!