Save the date: Sunday December 5th, immediately after the service in our front field

What’s a Pumpkin Chunkin & Spud Sling you may be wondering? Bring your small ornamental pumpkins and gourds and/or any unused potatoes that didn’t make it onto your holiday table (you know– the ones with that weird green spot or too many bumpy potato eyes!). Or just bring yourself, family and friends. Then select a vegetable (we’ll have some to share) and enhance it with colored markers to be uniquely yours. Next, you step up to the specially installed slingshot (patent pending) and sling your vegetable into the air toward a target. Best of all, everyone can participate. It’s easy.
Prizes will be awarded for:
-closest to the target
-farthest distance achieved
-shortest distance achieved
-most spectacular failure
-youngest participant
-oldest participant
This is also a spectator sport. Bring your lawn chairs and a picnic. Line the driveway to cheer on the chunkers & slingers.

Slung potatoes, small pumpkins, and small gourds will be left in the field to feed our resident deer and other critters. Larger pumpkins and leftover jack-o-lanterns (without wax or residue) are welcome to be hand-flung amongst the slung vegetation at the end of the event.

Questions? Contact Sue & Rich Freeman at

SAC voted to designate World Relief (Triad chapter) as the recipient for the October 5th Sunday plate collection, for the purpose of assisting with Afghan refugees who are arriving in the Piedmont Triad between now and March, 2022. The needs are many for these refugees are great for the arriving refugees, and include both money and advocacy. The resettlement process will be long and complex, and these immigrants will be extraordinarily vulnerable. Please give generously to assist these refugees who have been forced to leave their homes as a result of war.

For more information on how to donate and/or advocate legislatively, you can visit

Many of the families that come to the CC on second Saturday’s have children. Unfortunately, it’s children’s clothes that we are always in need of, especially boys clothes. If you know of any children who’ve outgrown their clothes, please donate them.
Don’t know any children, but still want to help? Considering buying some and donating to the CC! Donation bins are located at the CC or in the lobby of the Fellowship. Please let us know if you’ve dropped off a donation, or if you would like to volunteer by calling 336-659-0331 or email to

Check out the Auction catalog and start choosing the items you want to win. The Silent Auction begins at 5 p.m. October 1 and runs until 5 p.m. October 10. Whether your strategy in the Silent Auction is to bid early and often or hold back to the last minute to place your bid, we have over 400 items you need to choose among. There are parties, vacation homes, housewares, art, collectibles, and much, much more. Join the fun at the Live Auction on Saturday, October 9. Be a Bidder! Support the Fellowship!

UU Fellowship of Winston-Salem Clothing Closet

We are currently opening to the public on the second Saturday of the month. We are accepting donations, but PLEASE ONLY bring us gently used clothing and shoes. We will not give clothing with stains and holes to our “shoppers”. We are always especially in need of children’s clothing. Interested volunteers may contact us at 336-659-0331 or

On August 25th, the Board affirmed a recommendation from GGAT for a temporary pause in some of our indoor gatherings, specifically large meetings indoors. This includes Sunday services and all Sunday religious education classes (nursery, children’s RE, and Forum). See details below.

It’s been meaningful and joyful to gather on Sundays. This pause challenges us all to create new ways to gather as safely as possible outdoors on our beautiful grounds. The Worship Committee, Rev. Ed Brock, and the Tech Team are committed to holding outdoor services (weather permitting) as well as our regular Zoom Sunday service.

Leaders and staff are also leaning into this most recent and unwelcome change with intention to explore ways to be together that don’t depend on a traditional indoor experience. We’re hoping to collaborate with you all to offer new meaningful ways to be together in person outdoors. What’s your idea? How can leadership and staff help your committee or group make that happen?

We did not come to this decision lightly and it’s not one we were eager to make. Other organizations, and even some churches, continue with business as usual, but we’re trying to behave in accordance with our principles and respect the interdependent web of which we are a part.

GGAT and the Board will reevaluate conditions regularly. Be assured that we are using what we’re learning to return to large indoor gatherings as safely as possible as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and grace as we navigate the challenges of rapidly changing conditions.

Temporary updated operating guidelines:

~Large indoor in-person gatherings, including Fellowship sponsored Sunday activities (worship services, forum and religious education for all ages), are suspended temporarily and should continue Zoom and outdoors (masked).

~Committees, small groups and other events/activities can meet indoors with in-person participation limited to 12 or fewer people. (Others may join via Zoom for multi-platform inclusion.)

~Everyone indoors, regardless of vaccination status must remain masked at all times. (One masking exception: Staff or Fellowship leaders working alone in a closed room may unmask.)

~Outdoor meetings and events, such as potlucks, are encouraged and should be scheduled with the Fellowship Administrator. Masks must be worn outdoors at large gatherings and during direct interactions with children under 12. Masking outdoors is optional among vaccinated adults but should be considered in the context of covenantal consent.

~Choir decisions are at the Music Director’s professional discretion.

~Decisions about rentals by outside groups are at the Fellowship Administrator’s professional discretion.

There’s just a short time left to collect a small amount of water from your summer travels—or a meaningful spot here at home—to contribute to our Homecoming and Water service on Sept. 12. If you want, you can drop your water off at the Fellowship by the morning of Sept. 12 so that it can be added to the communal bowl and waters from past services. Please email a photo and description of where you got your water to Rev. Ed at by Sept. 7. (Questions? Contact Julie Palm, keeper of the water.)

Can you help us improve our broadcasting and conferencing capabilities? If you haven’t already, please consider a donation to our Tech Fund for audio/video equipment.

As we begin to gather again, we carry with us what we learned from the pandemic experience. Among the most important of these lessons is the value of staying connected and how technology can play a vital role. There are many who, for a variety of reasons, will still be unable to participate in services, activities, and other events because they can not physically attend. Broadcasting our services and providing online conferencing for meetings offers them a way to be more engaged in the life of the Fellowship. It’s also an excellent way for someone to check us out before they walk through the doors.

We are raising funds to purchase equipment to make this possible. And right now, the next $4,000 in donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous member. You can make your contribution online using the Donate button at (select Donate Online Now and Tech Fund from the menu) or sending a check to the Fellowship office (write “Tech Fund” on the memo line). If you have questions, please contact Thank you for your support!

Dear Ones,
Growing up, I was fortunate to live with my Gran and she helped build the foundation for my whole life. My Gran taught me to love and appreciate people. She taught me to work hard, make a joyful noise, and not to waste any of the life that I’ve been given. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky and I’m beyond grateful for the twenty years that I’ve spent in partnership with the Fellowship building relationships with so many beautiful souls. The many, many helpful hands and loving hearts in this community have made even hard work a joy. You have brought meaning and joy to the necessary task of earning a living. Thank you so much for the lovely and celebratory Worship Service, the many kind notes and emails, and the very generous gifts. I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity, and I look forward to discover how these next years unfold.
Much love,
Pam Lepley

We expect that anyone who can be vaccinated is fully vaccinated. Masks are required at all times for the unvaccinated.

For the time being, we ask everyone to wear a mask in the common areas, such as the foyer, halls, kitchen, bathrooms and Fellowship Hall. However, if you are meeting in the library or classrooms, you may remove your mask if

1) you are comfortable doing so,
2) there are no children in the room, and
3) everyone in the room agrees.

Masks are required throughout the building (for ages 3 and up) during Sunday services. Until children can be vaccinated, everyone must remain masked in all indoor spaces on Sundays.

Masks are not required outside unless you are close to children.

Questions? Email the Fellowship Board at