Required Safe Practices
in response to COVID -19

9/17/20 – Amended and extended through October 31, 2020

 Originally adopted by the Board of Trustees
July 1, 2020


Use of Fellowship Building and Grounds During COVID-19 


Ours is a Fellowship that welcomes all. Ours is also a caring Fellowship that will protect the health and safety of anyone who visits our campus. The following requirements are derived from guidance published by the Centers for Disease Control, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and the Unitarian Universalist Association.


We ask for and expect compliance with all COVID related building and grounds safe practice requirements adopted by the Board of Trustees. Staff and members are asked to call any member of the Executive Committee (President, Assistant President, FCC Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) if someone refuses to comply with our adopted Safe Practices.

Required Safe Practice for Use of Buildings:

1. The Fellowship Buildings will remain closed until further notice.

2. Members and visitors may conduct business necessary to maintain the basic operations of the Fellowship in the buildings under the supervision of Staff or someone they delegate.

3. If someone is coughing, sneezing, has a fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, or a sudden loss of taste or smell, they will not enter any Fellowship building. If anyone already in the building begins to experience any of these symptoms, they must immediately leave Fellowship property and notify

4. Anyone requesting access to the building must contact Staff in advance (staff and, upon their approval, coordinate with Staff to ensure that the number of individuals in the building is limited, safe distancing is maintained, and sanitary practices are followed.

5. Maintain a minimum of six feet between all non-household members while moving about the building. If a six-foot distance cannot be maintained, reduce close-proximity time to less than six seconds. Face-to-face interactions should be kept to a maximum time – 10 minutes for smaller indoor spaces and up to 60 minutes in larger rooms. If a longer time is needed, consider holding the interaction outdoors. If engaging in an activity that encourages raised voices or accelerated breathing (avoid singing), additional distance is recommended. Masking is required even with social distance.

6. The Fellowship will provide hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and disposable masks located in appropriate areas for use as needed when a member or visitor is conducting business.

7.  One bathroom (closest to main doors) has been designated for public use:
     A.  The middle stall is closed for safety.
     B.  Wash hands thoroughly  after using the bathroom (guidance posted in bathroom).
     C.  Before leaving, clean surface areas touched during use (toilet seat, handles, faucets, switch plate, etc.) with the cleaning supplies provided.

8. A list of sanitary practices and other safety requirements are posted on the front door and other prominent locations throughout the building.


Safe Practices for all Outdoor Activities:

Be aware there is inherent risk involved with gathering during the Covid-19 pandemic. As part of our covenant of caring for each other, we have developed these rules for use of our outdoor campus and bathrooms during the current building closure.  When entering the Fellowship grounds, you agree that you understand there is risk of contracting Covid-19, assume the risk of exposure to the virus, and agree to release and hold the Fellowship harmless from any claim associated with exposure to the virus.The rules apply to all individuals and groups using the grounds, including both posted activities and informal small gatherings.


Groups permitted on Fellowship grounds at any given time are limited.  The organizer of an outdoor event should notify the UUFWS Administrator to confirm compliance with any existing guideline.


  1. If someone is coughing, sneezing, has a fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, or a sudden loss of taste or smell, they shall not enter Fellowship property. If anyone already on the campus displays any of these symptoms, they must immediately depart the property and notify
  2. Maintain a minimum of SIX feet between all non-household members.
    • If engaging in activity that encourages raised voices or accelerated breathing, such as singing or dancing, additional distance is recommended.
    • Greet friends with “air hugs” or other greetings that meet distance guidelines.
    • If you want to offer games, try something that requires space between players or teams (e.g., cornhole, Frisbee, Tai Chi).
  3. Wear a facial mask at any time that social distance practices cannot be maintained. Masking is recommended even with social distancing.
  4.   Minimize contact with fixed objects such as benches, door handles, and gates. If contact with these surfaces is necessary, wipe them immediately after use with sanitizing wipes or disinfectant cleaning products.
  5. Keep hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes on hand, and use them frequently, e.g., after unintended  physical contact, active games, eating or activities involving frequently-touched surfaces.
  6. If food and/or beverages are to be consumed, bring your own food and drink.   Only share items that are individually wrapped (ketchup packets, chip packets, silverware packets, canned/boxed/bottled beverages, etc.).
  7. Do not dispose of any items/articles on the Fellowship grounds, including in trash cans.  Take all trash, used wipes, food scraps, and other items with you when you leave.  It is acceptable to dispose of items used in the bathroom in the trash receptacle inside the restroom.


  1. A group leader shall be designated for all outdoor activities that are promoted on the sanctioned UUFWS calendar that will take place on the Fellowship grounds.  
  2.   The group leader shall  maintain a list of participants in case of potential exposure to Covid-19.  Email UUFWS Administrator at with date of activity, activity name and list of participants with email or phone number within 24 hours of the completion of the activity/event.
  3. The group leader shall be responsible for bringing sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer (participants are encouraged to bring and use their own supplies) for outside use.
  4. Group leaders shall verbally inform participants about the “Outdoor Rules for All Members” at the beginning of each activity/event.  See Attachment One for a Sample Script.
  5. The group leader is responsible for lining up access to the public bathroom before the scheduled event, either by getting approval from staff on site or by having a member who has access to the building on site.
  6. The group leader will be responsible for wiping down the designated public bathroom, if used by participants, per guidance at the end of this document. 
  7. If the group leader fails to comply with the above guidelines, the group leader will not be allowed to organize activities using the sanctioned Fellowship calendar.


  1. Only one person is allowed in the bathroom at a time (except for persons making up a household).
  2. Use the bathroom in the Fellowship building designated for public use.  For safety purposes, the middle stall will be closed for use.
  3. Use hand sanitizer before entering the building and do not touch anything in the building on your way in and out .
  4. Wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom (guidance posted in bathroom).
  5. Group leader is responsible for cleaning the high touch areas of the restroom at the end of the gathering (door handles, toilet handles, light switches, faucet handles, countertops, toilet seat, etc.). 


Attachment One

Leader’s Group statement for any event occurring on Fellowship Grounds

This is a sample script that MUST be read by a GROUP LEADER to all participants of a calendar scheduled event on the Fellowship Grounds. Every point listed must be covered.


GROUP LEADER welcomes the group and state the following: 

The UUFWS and I appreciate your concern for each other’s health. Safety rules are posted on the fellowship website and on the fellowship grounds.  The rules MUST be followed to ensure our safety. I will provide the Fellowship a list of today’s attendees as a safety precaution. The rules are very basic: If you aren’t well, you shouldn’t be here. Maintain social distancing. Wear a facial covering for the BEST protection.  

If Bathroom’s are open: 

A designated public bathroom in the Fellowship is available for our use today. Let’s review BATHROOM use. Only one person or household group can enter the building at a time. Go ONLY to the designated bathroom labeled “PUBLIC USE.” This is the one on the  right when you enter the building. Wipe off anything you touch with a sanitizing wipe, including door handles. I have wipes for those who need it. Wipes are available in the bathrooms.

Any questions?  

Thank you for being safe.